tiistai 16. elokuuta 2011

My dresses

We’re already halfway through August and I still haven’t met my model of this month. Despite all this I’ve had to start making the dress anyhow, so I’m really looking forward to the fitting sessions next Thursday and how everything will turn out.

I realized once again that my dream is already so far that I only have five dresses left. There are still so many things I’d like to learn and try. Here’s a little summary of all the finished dresses and their successes and failures.

Rebel Rio: + I sewed the first zipper of my life to a dress.
Rose Me: - the not-so-successful sewing of the lining fabric
Rose Me: + making a gorgeously voluminous rear
M drop: + two dresses instead of one
M drop: - one dress made too small
Odessa A: + unique folds
Odessa A: - you can see a lot of marks of the stitching made by hand
Rewind: - tearing of the hood because of a triple sewing mistake
Rewind: + my first dress made of lace fabric
Married 639: - unsuccessful braid attempt made of leather
Married 639: + trying to tame the difficult satin fabric into a dress
E&J: - the top a bit too big
E&J: + sewing the first invisible zipper of my life 
Thank you, gorgeous models, my photographer Risto, make-up artist Linda and translator Salli! Without you my dream would definitely not be this far. In Facebook you can find a group with our logo. You can find more photos etc. there.

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